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Menu Calendar

Rainbow CDC provides a morning snack, afternoon snack each day. If a child arrives before 8:30am he/she may bring breakfast from home.

Parents may pack a lunch and drink. Each child’s lunchbox/lunchbag will be kept in his/her cubby until lunchtime. Please be sure to include a cold pack if necessary. If you choose to pack food that needs to be warmed up in the microwave, we will be more than happy to do that for your child. If you do not want to pack a lunch for your child you have the option to order lunch for your child online through Schoolhouse Grill. All menu options are prepared to meet the USDA guidelines for school aged children as set fourth by the USDA Menu Planning for the National School Lunch Program. The Traditional Food-Based Menu Planning Approach is used to assist in development of well balanced meals. Under the Traditional Food-Based Menu Planning Approach, schools must comply with specific component and quantity requirements by offering five food items from four food components. These components are: meat/meat alternate, vegetables and/or fruits, grains/breads, and milk. Minimum portion sizes are established by ages and grade groups.

A parent/guardian may bring food for a birthday or holiday. Rainbow CDC will keep the food refrigerated. Please notify the Director/Assistant Director/Teacher in advance when bringing any items for a celebration. We are a nut free facility.

Menu for the Week of September 13

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