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Pre-K Program

The Pre-Kindergarten Program is a classroom-based learning environment that prepares children for the more didactic and academically intensive kindergarten. We provide for (I) social development, (2) physical development, (3) emotional development, and (4) cognitive development.

The daily schedule includes, but is not limited to:

  • Morning circle
  • Story time and music
  • Choice time
  • Learning centers (writing/literacy center, blocks, dramatic play, sensory activities, art, etc.)
  • Child and teacher directed activities
  • Large motor and gym activities
  • Outdoor recreational activities
  • Nutritious snacks and lunch
  • Rest time

Goals for this Program include:

  • Learning Activities
    • Recognizing colors
    • Recognizing shapes, sizes, and position (big and little, first and last)
    • Recognizing numerals, sets and writing at least 1 through 10
    • Recognizing and writing first name
    • Developing skills to recognize letters and words such as discerning upper and lower case letters and identifying their sounds
    • Listening, telling and dramatizing through nursery rhymes and stories
    • Participating in sensory games-touching, tasting, smelling, looking and listening
    • Participating in science lessons covering topics such as seasons, weather, seashells, calendar, animals, plant and animal life
    • Exposure to and selection from a variety of books
    • Developing an understanding of the days of the week, months of the year, seasons and own birthday month
    • Introduction to simple addition and subtraction groups
  • Social Development
    • Developing healthy eating habits and ways, safety awareness, good manners, and hygiene
    • Learning about self-observe birthdays (if desired by parent(s))
    • Learning about family and relationships (parent, siblings, aunt, uncle, grandparent, neighbors, friends)
    • Learning about respect for others and sharing
    • Developing an awareness of local community helpers and their roles
    • Developing an awareness of our country, Pledge of Allegiance and respect for the flag
    • Developing social awareness of various holidays and cultures
    • Experiencing role playing through puppetry, drama, and dress-up activities
  • Art Activities
    • Using crayons, chalk, clay, and various paints during art projects
    • Experiencing crayons, clay, scissors, glue, and other craft materials
    • Creating art projects on their own by following instructions
    • Engaging in open ended projects to enhance creativity and self-expression
  • Music
    • Learning seasonal songs and nursery rhymes, as well as finger plays and poems
    • Listening to tapes and CD’s, for exposure to a variety of music, songs, and stories
    • Learning to use rhythm band instruments
    • Interacting in organized music and movement activities.
  • Physical Development
    • Using large muscles for development, through games, exercises, running, ball catching, climbing, balance, running, hopping, skipping, catching, etc.
    • Using small muscles for development through finger play, puzzles, water/sand play, writing, coloring, cutting, buttoning, zippering, etc.
  • Other Activities
    • Visits from community helpers including police, fireman, dental hygienist
    • Special parties for holidays
    • Special fun days (Pajama Day, Hat Day) and Theme Days (Red Day, Blue Day)
    • Monthly fire drills


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