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Snacks, Meals & PLAY!

Snacks and Meals

Rainbow Child Development Center provides a morning snack and afternoon snack each day for children enrolled in the full-day programs, with the exception of infants.

The center does not provide jar food or formula. Parents of infant children must provide daily snacks and meals as well as prepared bottles for infants.

The center does not provide breakfast, but children who arrive early may bring breakfast with them to the center.

Parents may supply substitute snacks for children unable to eat the foods provided by the center due to religious or medical reasons.

Please click here to view the menu for the upcoming days, which is made available each week.

Outdoor Play

At Rainbow Child Development Center, we believe that children need time to go outdoors daily and throughout the year. The daily schedule for each age group includes both morning and afternoon outdoor playtime.

The center is divided into three buildings: infants and toddlers, preschool, and our school age program. Each building is complete with an enclosed playground featuring age appropriate outdoor toys and equipment.


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