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Three's Program

We believe that the Three’s Program is a continuation of the Two’s Program, stimulating and nurturing a young child’s mind through academic and social readiness.

The daily schedule includes, but is not limited to:

  • morning circle
  • story time and music
  • choice time
  • learning centers (writing/literacy center, blocks, dramatic play, sensory activities, art, etc.)
  • child and teacher directed activities
  • large motor and gym activities
  • outdoor recreational activities
  • nutritious snacks and lunch
  • rest time

Goals for this Program include:

  • Learning Activities
    • Recognizing basic colors
    • Recognizing and naming basic shapes
    • Beginning to recognize and count numbers 1 through 10
    • Recognizing first name
    • Ongoing exposure to the alphabet
    • Performing exercises in visual perception, including drawing lines between like objects and circling objects not like others
    • Attention span lengthening through story time, circle time, and show and tell
    • Introduction of a variety of nursery rhymes
    • Participating in science projects that cover the seasons and weather
  • Social Development
    • Continued development of healthy eating habits, safety awareness and good manners
    • Learning to share toys, equipment, and adult attention
    • Sharing duties and responsibilities, including: picking up toys and supplies, hanging up their own coats, being responsible for items brought from home for show and tell
    • Respecting others and their possessions
    • Developing the ability to express feelings and emotions: appropriately, both verbally and physically
    • Observing birthdays (if desired by parent(s)/guardian(s))
    • Reviewing the calendar to develop an awareness of days of the week and months
    • Developing an awareness of our country, Pledge of Allegiance and respect for the flag
  • Art Activities
    • Gaining experience with various colors and textures through painting, drawing, coloring, and play dough
    • Engaging in open ended projects to enhance creativity and self-expression
    • Correlating the use of geometric shapes already learned into art projects, many which are centered on seasonal themes.
  • Music
    • Learning seasonal songs and nursery rhymes, as well as finger plays and poems
    • Listening to tapes and CDs, both songs and stories
    • Learning to use rhythm band instruments

  • Physical Development
    • Developing small motor skills through the use of puzzles, cutting with scissors, holding a pencil correctly etc.
    • Developing the use of large motor skills through the use of games and physical activities either outdoors or in larger play areas
  • Other Activities
    • Visits from community helpers including police, fireman, dental hygienist, etc.
    • Special parties for holidays
    • Special fun days (Pajama Day, Hat Day) and Theme Days (Red Day, Blue Day)
    • Monthly fire drills
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