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Toddler Program

The Toddler Program is a continuation of the Infant Program where the environment provides a safe and healthy venue in which the child will learn. The nurturing and responsive providers are individuals the children can trust to care for them as they grow and learn. The daily schedule is flexible, adapting to the needs of the individual children as well as the group.

In addition to the Program goals listed under the Infant Program, the Toddler Program is designed to empower each child to become a confident lifelong learner. Developmentally appropriate materials such as play dough, crayons, paints, puzzles and toys are always accessible to the children while under direct supervision.

Goals for this Program include:

  • Using large and small motor skills through games and physical activities
  • Nurturing a positive self-concept
  • Developing the concept of sharing and playing with others
  • Introduction to healthy eating habits, safety awareness, and good manners


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