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Two's Program

We believe that the Two’s Program is an avenue to properly stimulate and nurture a young child’s mind which will result in better prepared children by the time they start school. In addition to starting academic readiness, we also strive to begin the development of social skills.

The daily schedule includes, but is not limited to:

  • Morning circle
  • Story time and music
  • Choice time
  • Learning centers (writing/literacy center, blocks, dramatic play, sensory activities, art, etc.)
  • Child and teacher directed activities
  • Large motor and gym activities
  • Outdoor recreational activities
  • Nutritious snacks and lunch
  • Rest time

Goals for this Program include:

  • Learning Activities
    • Beginning to recognize basic colors
    • Beginning to recognize basic shapes
    • Beginning to recognize and count numbers 1 through 10
    • Beginning to recognize first name
    • Introduction to and ongoing exposure to the alphabet
    • Introduction to a variety of nursery rhymes
    • Introduction to science projects that include the seasons and weather
    • Attention span lengthening activities such as story time and show and tell
  • Social Development
    • Continued development of healthy eating habits, safety awareness, and good manners
    • Sharing toys and adult attention
    • Respecting others and their possessions
    • Developing the ability to express emotions appropriately
    • Birthday observation (if desired by parent (s)/guardian(s))
  • Art Activities
    • Gaining experience with various colors and textures through painting, drawing, coloring, shaping/molding
    • Engaging in seasonal art projects
  • Music
    • Introduction to seasonal songs, nursery rhymes, finger plays and poems
  • Physical Development
    • Using large motor skills through games and physical activities
    • Beginning to use small motor skills through the use of puzzles, holding a writing implement, etc.
    • Outdoor play, weather permitting
  • Other Activities
    • Special parties for holidays
    • Monthly fire drills
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